Black Sabbath - Iron Man

Orchestral cover coming soon.

Final Fantasy 7 Battle Theme

Final Fantasy 7 Epic Battle Theme Arranged For Orchestra.

Theme Of Solid Snake - Metal Gear Solid 1 - Japanese Bonus - Orchestral Cover

Theme Of Solid Snake arranged for orchestra. This is a version from Japanese bonus of Metal Gear Solid 1 for playstation, but was also featured in previous Metal Gear games.

Gran Turismo Moon Over The Castle Masahiro Ando Orchestral Cover HD Audio

Orchestral cover arranged for Gran Turismo theme "Moon Over The Castle" by Masahiro Ando.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

John Petrucci And Jordan Ruddess - Truth - Orchestral Covers

John Petrucci And Jordan Ruddess - Truth. Solo fragment from album An evening with John Petrucci and Jordan Ruddess arranged for orchestra. Piano, Strings and Brass.

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John Petrucci & Jordan Ruddess
John Petrucci & Jordan Ruddes from Dream Theater