Monday, 5 January 2015

Final Fantasy 7 One Winged Angel Orchestral Cover

One Winged Angel - Main villain Sepiroth theme from Final Fantasy VII arranged for orchestra.

Sephiroth the main antagonist in role-playing video game Final Fantasy VII. Antagonist is a result of an experiment by Shinra corporation which decided to inject him with cells from JENOVA - extraterrestrial life form when he was a fetus. After Sepiroth discovers that fact he believes that he is the choose one to rule the Planet, whilst Cloud Strife, the main protagonist and his friends are trying to stop him. Sepiroth's role and his background are more expanded in Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. Later in the game player finds out that Sepiroth was the most powerful SOLDIER (Shinra military division) who fought in Shinra-Wutai war. In one of the scenes in Nibelheim Sepiroth finds out that he was an experiment and his "mother" JENOVA tried to rule Planet 2000 years before. Sepiroth believes that he can merge with Lifestream, take control of it and in consequence rule the planet. 


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